ABOUT George Bates

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~George Bates

During a time in history, when African Americans possessed limited opportunities and liberties, a group of teachers went to East Texas Professional Credit Union in as attempt to become account holders. They were not allowed to join not because of lack of or Insufficient funds, non-professional jobs, or questionable character, but simply because of their race. Not to be defeated, the group formed their own entity. In 1956, they established the Teacher Alliance Federal Credit Union. One of the beginning investors and member was a young George Bates.

Education began for young George in the Elderville Community School District, graduating from Ned E. Williams High School. After graduation, he went to Texas Southern University in Houston, TX where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology. He later received his Masters in Education from Stephen F. Austin University.

George began educating students at Ned E. Williams School in all secondary sciences. After consolidation of the Ned E. Williams schools into the Longview Independent School District, he taught biology, chemistry, physics at Mary C. Womack High School and math at Longview High School. Students benefited from his educational guidance for 35 years.

Being a professional and recognizing the need for financial advancement for all people, George immediately began his association with the ground roots efforts of establishing a credit union. Once established, Georges talents were quickly recognized, and under the tutelage of then Director ]. P. Allen, George learned the necessary skills and nuances required to maintain a successful credit union. In 1978, after Director Allen was unable to fully perform his administrative duties, George obtained the position of Director.

As director, George ran a tight ship, keeping in mind the needs of the community. He was quick to remind others that the credit union was governed by the federal government and that success was based on accountability to both the government and the members. He accomplished his goals while maintaining an atmosphere of professionalism and friendliness and making sure that members were informed regarding financial matters and taken care of in a timely manner.

The Texas Credit Union League and the National Credit Union recognized the success of Teacher Alliance Federal Credit Union in 2006. It has now been established for 61 years with George at the helm serving as Chief Executive Officer for 38 of those years.

A member of Post Oak CME Church for many years, George served as Sunday School Superintendent for more than 50 plus years. He has spent 73 years of his life giving to and educating the African American community in the classroom, church and the credit union.